PAPAPETROU PARASKEVI company, based in Athens, started its activity in 2005 in the form of the Sole Proprietorship focused on the wholesale sale of Legumes-Nuts.

The story of the business began with Theodoros Kampris, when 40 years ago he visited the villages around Kastoria and Prespes and came in contact with local producers. The friendship, love and mutual respect that developed with the local, pure people, gave him the impetus to promote their products in the Greek Market.

Papapetrou Paraskevi is a second generation food trader while she continued in the same professional field where her father Theodoros had been active.

In its current form, the company immediately expanded to the Import Trade of Agricultural Products of exceptional quality and high nutritional value and covers mainly the Greek Market and Cyprus.

In 2006 the activity of the company expanded in the field of nuts.

In the years that followed, the owners and all the people and partners who constitute the business strive and succeed, through hard work and by giving their best.

The financial results of the company in the last years have been remarkable both in terms of turnover and results.

All these years the company grows rapidly, ensuring that it complies with the international and European quality standards, constantly investing in the functional upgrade of facilities and technical equipment such as special cold rooms for the maintenance of Legumes during the summer months, modern and approved disinfection procedures (fumigation) but also in the creation and installation of a Food Safety System according to ISO 22000: 2005 (HACCP).

The company in order to meet the modern needs of food quality assurance, has chosen to always cooperate with certified bodies as well as to monitor the product at all stages from harvest to final disposal (traceability).

The company´s philosophy is to ensure and maintain the high quality of its products.

The optimization of its efficiency in the context of competition and the supply of pure, healthy and quality products with high nutritional value.

Papapetrou company offers products that preserve the Greek and Mediterranean taste culture and always selects products guided by the consumer safety.

For us, quality means respect for our consumers, employees and partners.